What do we offer

We conduct our work at the veterinary clinic Vetcentrum Duchek in Prague. To offer you the best veterinary services, we have all the necessary equipment. We offer the possibility of a specialized hospitalization for all the groups of patients. All of us have experience with breeding and medical problems of animals we deal with. At the same time we have gained the knowledge worldwide during our fieltrips and expeditions (photo gallery, animals at home). Therefore, we know particular biological needs in number of exotic animal species from their natural habitats. The active approach is also to provide clients with free veterinary adviseboard on exotic animal fairs in Prague, Ostrava, Olomouc, Přerov and Nitra (SK) . In particular groups of animals we perform:

Reptiles, birds, small mammals

consultation, breeding management, husbandry troubleshooting

  • sex determination including the species with absence of secondary sexual characters (radiology, endoscopy)
  • sex determination based on DNA analysis in birds
  • disease determination, therapy
  • preventive health inspections (prior to planned placement into the breeding colony)
  • complete parasitological diagnostics, consecutive therapy and prevention
  • virological examination (IBD, paramyxoviruses, adenoviruses, herpesviruses, retroviruses)
  • surgery
  • post-mortem examination of dead individuals with complete diagnostics and other measures proposed



Without a well-functioning lab there is no diagnostics and hence adequate therapy.  For this purpose we have built the Exomed diagnostic laboratory, where, besides traditional methods (parasitology, pathohistology) we will use the modern methods of molecular biology in the future. The exomed laboratory guarantees the coverage not only of exotic animals  but also dogs, cats, ZOO animals, ruminants, horses, pigs, poultry etc. Our laboratory is available to all the animal breeders as well as to our veterinary colleagues in the form of easy online reservation system. Diagnostic methods we offer are:


detection of gastrointestinal parasites

  • sedimentation methods to detect flukes
  • larvoscopic diagnostics used for detection of lungworms
  • special diagnostic test (using different types of staining)
  • detection of blood parasites and their determination in blood smear
  • detection of Cryptosporidium spp.
  • postmortem parasitological examination, death cause determination
  • treatment and prevention when presence of parasites in breeding detected



histopathological examination of biopsy  and necropsy specimens (from live/dead animals)

  • cytology
  • special staining and immunohistochemical methods in neoplastic diseases diagnostics histopathological examination in experimental animal studies
  • design of therapeutic and preventive measures based on the finding


Our clinic and diagnostic laboratory is equipped with the most modern equipment.  Let's see it in ascending order, from the simpliest, but certainly not "unimportant" machines. Our pride is also a simple system of specialized exotic animal hospitalization. In practice, we use these devices:
Centrifuga Centrifuge - this simple device we use mainly in preparation of the samples for parasitological examination.


Anesthesiological device - currently, inhalation anesthesia in veterinary medicine of exotic animals is considered to be a must. As compared to injection methods, it offers much less risks. For inhalation anesthesia procedures, we use  controlled ventilation and isofluran evaporator and sets of adequate intubation tubes and inhalation masks adapted for exotic animals of all sizes


RTG_vizualizaceX-ray - an important instrument in diagnostics of many pathological conditions. For small mammals essential in diagnosing of such pathologies as maloclussions or digestive distress, such as retention of the clutches or osteodystrophy in reptiles. Similarly to microscopes, X-rays are equipped with visualization. The attending physician has the possibility to explain everything to you and show you all specific pathological changes.


Endoscopic set - in the exotic animal veterinary medicine used in all arthroscopic and endoscopic examinations and surgery, essential in sex determination of some species of parrots and reptiles.

Sonograf Ultrasound - allows body cavities of patients investigated and allows to diagnose morphological and physiological variations


MVDr. Michal Sloboda, Ph.D.
Tel.: +420 732 841 281
e-mail: michal@exomed.cz