• Určení pohlaví exotických ptáků metodou analýzy DNA

    Analýza DNA, kterou v naší laboratoři provádíme, umožňuje určit pohlaví exotických ptáků s vysokou přesností.
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Sex determination using DNA analysis is maybe the best method of finding out the gender of your birds. The biggest advantage is the fact that compared to e.g. endoscopy, DNA sexing is non-invasive and therefore, safer to the animal. In our laboratory, we need a really small drop of blood applied on our sampling kit. Those kits, we are sending by post FREE OF CHARGE! Just order the number of kits you need for the whole season by filling up the formular here under this text.





Results in 7 working days since deliver to our laboratory, PDF protocols in PDF on email for FREE together with invoice.


1-19 samples – 7,5 € / sample (£ 6.5  / sample for UK clients)

20-49 samples – 7 € / sample (£ 6  / sample for UK clients)

50-100 samples – 6,5 € / sample (£ 5.5  / sample for UK clients)

laminated certificate, A5 size, free postage – 1.5 € / piece (£ 1.3  / piece for UK clients)



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